Fishery and peg info

Additional Information

  • All pegs are big enough for a good sized bivvy.
  • You need a barrow as cannot park next to peg
  • Pegs 1 - 3 are situated around front half of lake and have access to margins and deep water to 12ft.
  • The island pegs 4&5 and 6&7 are only available to book as double pegs during busy periods. Pegs 4 & 7 have margins and deep water with pegs 5 & 6 being more open water.
  • Pegs 8 & 9 are on the channel behind island and offer loads of features and margins with depths to 6ft.
  • Approx. distance to each peg from car park Peg 1: 50m, P2: 80m, P3: 120m, P4/5: 230m, P6/7: 270m, P8: 250m, P9: 300m

Toilet and washroom

Proper toilet not a portaloo and cleaned daily.